Fashion, innovation and quality are the values that inspire and guide Kaleos Eyehunters, but it is the brand's creative structure that makes it stand out  The values that inspire and operate in Kaleos are: fashion, avant-garde, design and quality.

Chloé is a female focuses brand with values such as femininity, modernity, freedom of spirit, grace and spontaneity. These key features define the brand and its eyewear collection. Chloé eyewear uses a combination of the brand's iconic elements, such as soft materials, curved lines and warm tones.

Silhouette has revolutionized the eyewear business by introducing the world's lightest glasses. The extraordinary design and the high-quality frames create a unique design that highlights the best features of the Silhouette wearer.

Etnia Barcelona prescription glasses are characterised by their fresh style. They have a great variety of colors that allow you to give way to your creativity and make different combinations of looks. Etnia Barcelona's models allow you to emphasize your most creative and original side.

GiGi Studios glasses are meticulously hand-made, combining leading technology and the human touch. GIGI Studios’s main purpose is investing in quality. The brand works closely with leading strategic partners, constantly looking for the best raw materials and taking good care of the entire handcrafted manufacturing process.

The Porsche Design label is synonymous with innovation, quality and uniqueness. Its timeless collection is made precisely of high-quality Rodenstock materials. All frames are made of titanium: the epitome of exceptional stability, lightness and performance.